Walking Stick

Photo By Sigurjon Ragnars

I made this walking stick for my friend Eggert Jóhannsson who presented it to our mutual friend Adrian Gill.
The stick is made from hickory, stainless steel and whale tooth. Engraved is one of A.A.Gill´s favorite poems from THE SAGA OF THE GREENLANDERS.
The poem is a sacred prayer for travelers.
I ask you, unblemished monk tester
to be the ward of my travels,
may the lord of the peak´s pane
shade my path with this hawk´s perch.
The former high priest of the old Pagan religion Jörmundur Ingi Hansen 
translated the poem back into the runes that the poem was originally written in.
Master Stone carver and a good friend of mine Stefán Hrafn Erlingson carved
the script in to the whale tooth handle.
The walking stick was then blessed by Jörmundur with the old rituals to keep
Adrian safe on his travels.

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