Oseberg Knive

This  knife was made  from 1999 to 2016 complete  finish after engraving by Pierre Döme in Liege, Blade is  made from damasks steel from White Russia, The dragon head is copy of a dragon head who come up in Oseberg ship in Norway, Turkish walnut in handle

Vilhjálmsson Knives

Icelandic hunting knives. Some of  our  hunting knives  are  engraved  by a master engravers  like this one engravingby Veronique Grojean in Liege  , blade is  made by Johann Vilhjalmsson  and the steel is from Damasteel in Sweaden and  patern name is  “Haka pella”

Icelandic Folder


This  folder is  made from a  damascus stainless steel from Damasteel in Sweden , pattern name “Odin eye” Handle is made from old elephant ivory at least 100 years old. Blade length 8cm  total 19cm .



Thor is  made from stainless steel damascus steel from Damasteel  Sweden, This a new pattern name “Thor”.  All other steel parts  are stainless steel. The handle is made from reindeer antler.  Total length is 21 cm. and  blade length is 10cm.


Made by Icelandicknives, Blade is  made from  stanless steel  damaskus from Damasteel  Sweden . Pattern  name  “Thor”, engraving is made by Pierre Döme  in Liege

Knives For Sale


Icelandic Hunting Knife Model Masterklass
Blade  RWL 34 length 10cm   total 22 cm
Handle is made from  whale tooth and reindeer horn
Price  85.000 kr  600 eur.


Masterklass  Damaskus knife
Blade “Thor”  Damasteel length 10cm total 22 cm
Handle is made from buffalo horn and stabilisered wood.
Price 110.000 kr   790 eur.

Icelandic Hunting knife  standard verison
Blade made from 4110 steel length 10cm total 22cm.  Handle reindeer horn
Price 65.000 kr 460 eur

Icelandic Hunting Knife small verison.
Blade   4110  length 10cm total 20 cm
Handle is made from reinder horn.
Price 50.000 kr  360 eur