Knives for Sale


I have been custom making knives for about twenty years. I started making knives when I was studying and training to be a gunsmith in the renowned ICET Leon Mignon – the school for gunsmiths – in Liége, Belgium. There I met and learned to know many knivemakers in The Belgian Knive Society (BKS). I met with them and we made knives in our spare time. I learned about the different types of steel and how to work the metal. The school taught me about forming and designing new items.
All my knives are custom made and handmade. I design the blades, make them and harden them in my workshop.  I have access to the best engravers in Liége and my customers can order the knive engraved according to his wishes. I go regularly to Belgium to exhibit my knives at trade shows such as the one in Gembloux. I also visit my knivemaking friends and learn from them and show them my work.

Length 21,5cm, Blade length 10cm, Damaskus steel from Damstal Sweden patern “Hakapella” RWL 34 and PMC 27 , Handle is made from rendeer antler and warthog.

Price  : 700 Eur

“Vinland” Blade length is 13cm and total length is 28cm , Blade steel is damaskus stainless  steel from Damstal in Sweden and the patern is call Vinland it is like a old map. Handle is made from rendeer antler and hippo tooth.

Price : 1100 Eur

“Icelandi Hunting Knife” model Double grip , Blade length 10cm, total length 21 cm , Blade steel 4110 . Handle is made from rendeer antler and whale tooth. Black sheath.

Price: 350 EUR

Length total 25 cm , Blade length 12 cm , The blade is made from RWL 34  handle is stabilized wood, the sheath is made from salmon skin.

Price 800 EUR

“Ormshvida” Blade length is 11cm total 22cm, Steel is ATS 34 in one pice , Handle is  whale tooth ivory, engraving by a master in Liege, Jean Marie Florent ( master of the masters)

Price.  2.500 Eur

“Seifur” Made from D-2 steel and ivory handle,Blade 13cm and total 24cm. The engraver is Veronique Grojean in Liege she is working for the best gunsmith to day like Holand& Holland , Purdey ,Browning Dumolin and many

Price 2.500 Eur

“Thors Hammer” Made from RWL 24 and whale tooth in the handle, Blade length is 10 cm and total length is 21cm. The skrim shaw is made by Stefan Hrafn Erlingsson but he is a master in this art here in Iceland.

Price . 1.600 Eur

Length : 23 cm.  Blade 11cm made from RWL 34 steel. Handle : Reindeer horn. Engraving by Veronique Grojean in Liege.

Price : 1.300 Eur.

Length: 22 cm.  Blade length  10cm . made from RWL 34 steel. Handle  Bjork . Engraving by Pierre D0me in Liege.

Price 1.300Eur

“Moby Dick ”  Length 20cm . Blade is   9,5cm  and made from 4110 steel. Handle is made from  whale tooth,and the scrim shaw is made by Stefan Hrafn Erlingsson.

Price . 1.300 Eur

Icelandic Folding Knife

Length: 19 cm   Blade length 9 cm.  Steel is 4110. handle  is made from walnut  ore other chosen wood. Special locking system.

Price: 450 Eur

Master Klass Knife , Length 21 cm, blade length 10cm steel RWL -34 , Handle reindeer and ibenholt . Sheath is made from brown reindeer leather

Price: 500 EUR

Icelandic Hunting Knife, Blade length 10 cm  and total length 21 cm, Steel 4110  , Handle s made from 5000 years old oak from Scotland and Brasilan rosewood. Sheath is made from brown reindeer leather.

Price : 450 EUR

Icelandic Hunting Knife with high guard , Blade length 10 cm total 21 cm , Steel  4110, Handle is made from reindeer horn  very white. Sheath is made from brown reindeer skin.

Price :450 EUR

Icelandic Hunting Knife , Steel RWL 34  10 cm length  total length is 21 cm , Handle is made from very white reindeer horn. Sheath is made from a brown reindeer skin

Price: 450 EUR.

Icelandic Hunting Knife , Blade length is 10 cm, Total length is 21 cm, Steel  in blade is 4110 , Handle is made from warthoog tooth and reindeer horn, sheath is made from  brown reindeer skin.

Price: 450 EUR

Master Klass Knife  Damaskus. Blade length 9,5 cm . Total length 21cm.

Stainless damaskus steel in blade , Handle is made from  reindeer horn,

Price  700 EUR

Ice-hunter :  blade length is 11 cm Handle length  is 12cm  Handle made from stabilized redwood and stainless steel bolsters . Blade is made from 4110  steel.

Price 500 EUR